This group show with my fellow artists and friends, Doug Dunford, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills and Karen Genovese was held at the Power Plant in Toronto which was very well attended and quite successful. The evening was dedicated in memory of Ted Rogers who’s wish was for Loretta to have an art exhibition. She kindly extended the invitation to our painting group which have been painting together for several summers in Muskoka.

Our book Chucky the Lonely Inukshuk made it’s debut with proceeds going to Juvenile Diabetes complete with Doug’s original painting of “Chucky”.

My work was very well received and many Susan Gosevitz paintings were delivered the following day to their new homes. This photo is with my two sisters who are great supporters of my art, Linda Walker and Nancy Bodi.
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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
The International Diabetes Association estimates over 246-million people wordwide are diagnosed with diabetes every year. Sadly, 70,000 of these are children with juvelile (type 1) diabetes, a condition that strikes suddenly and without warning. In Canada alone, close to 300,000 Canadians live with type 1 diabetes, marking Canada with the 6th highest incidence rate of type 1 diabetes in children 14 years or younger in the world.