Call of the Wild By Rita DeMontis

Toronto Sun lifestyle editor, Rita Demontis writes about the true life story behind Larry the loon by Judith McMurray and the artists behind it. A touching story how an injured loon captured the hearts of a family. This is a must read for adults and children alike. A story about compassion and respect for wildlife on our Canadian lakes.

The Tobin Island School of Fine Art have been painting together since 2004. Together we have published two children’s books, Chucky the lonely Inukshuk in 2009 and Larry the loon in 2011. Proceeds are directed to charitable organizations; Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
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The Tobin Island School of Fine Art led by D.A. Dunford consists of Susan Gosevitz, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills and Karen Genovese.

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