The Tobin Island School of Fine Art have published their second children’s book,Larry the Loon by Judith McMurray.Illustrated by D.A. Dunford, Susan Gosevitz, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills, Karen Genovese and Dwight Aranha. Junior members Simon Dunford and Megan Torisawa. Forward by Robert Bateman and guest artist Andy Donato.

This compassionate children’s book is based on a true story of an injured loon that bravely fought for its’ life and befriended the Gosevitz family. This wild beautiful loon became tame enough to be hand fed enjoying a diet of smoked salmon, herring, crab legs and freshly caught fish! There are two endings in the book, compassionate euthanasia or a fairy tale ending. You choose the ending that suits your young reader.

Available at Rogers Plus Stores and  Chapters Indigo. $19.95

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