“Hidden gem” of an artist
by Rita DeMontis, Toronto Sun, February 26, 2009

Visual naturalist, Susan Gosevitz has established herself as one of Canada’s top landscape artists in both oils and acrylics that combine realism and imagery. Inspired by the inner beauty found in nature, Gosevitz says, “I see art as a collaboration with nature. Together we create the real and sublime in one… providing a return from stress and chaos, to meditative simplicity”. Gosevitz’s solo works are being displayed in two distinct exhibits.

The first – aptly titled Interpretative Landscapes- is taking place this evening to March 8, at Launch Projects, 404 Adelaide St. with a second, her Birch Tree Series, later in the spring.

Interpretative Landscapes explores the Canadian landscape through the use of light, depth and line. This is a one-time body of work which is the result of an “explorative process over the past year. Images are carved into hot wax on arches 300lb. cold press paper, combine cold and hot wax and sand.

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This special school has been providing a positive environment for aspiring artists to attain a visual arts education in the heart of downtown Toronto for close to 40 years,” notes Gosevitz, a board member. ”

This new exhibition space Launch Projects was supported by TSA’s first inaugural Hidden Gems fundraising event. (The second one planned for fall.) …Launch Projects is connecting TSA with the larger art community not only in Toronto but across Canada.”

What inspires a traditional landscape painter to step into the abstraction of an idea? “The Toronto School of Art!” notes Gosevitz with delight. This evening’s opening is on until 9 pm.:gallery hours are Wed. to Sun., noon to 5 p.m. For additional information check out susangosevitz.com

-Rita DeMontis