Chucky the Lonely Inukshuk is an inspirational children’s tale about an Inukshuk named Chucky who stands alone on a quiet lake in Northern Ontario. Chucky is lonely because no one ever stops to say hello. This changes when Chucky saves two stranded children from a very bad thunderstorm. The three build a very special bond that promises to last a lifetime. This lovely story is illustrated by Doug Dunford together with the Tobin Island School of Fine Art; artists Susan Gosevitz, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills, and Karen Genovese. The story is written by Judith McMurray which is her third children’s book. All the proceeds of this book are donated to JDRF in hopes of helping children world wide who suffer with Juvenile Diabetes. Doug Dunford has two sons with this disease and his son Simon, a junior member of the Tobin Island School of Fine Art, helped illustrate this book.

Chucky the Lonely Inukshuk
by Judith McMurray
Illustrated by D.A. Dunford, Loretta Rogers, Darcey Sills, Karen Genovese, Susan Gosevitz, Simon Dunford and
Megan Torisawa

Published by Bryler Publications

ISBN: 978-0-0813819-0-9

$19.95 (all net proceeds from this book will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada (JDRF).

Available at select Indigo Chapters in Toronto or purchase on-line: www.amazon.com or www.lonelychucky.com or www.brylerpublications.com

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