Artist Statement


Meditative Simplicity

“Meditative Simplicity”, 24″x30″ acrylic on board 2016.

I see art as a collaboration with nature. Together we create the real and sublime in one, providing a return from hectic and stress, from consumption and chaos, to meditative simplicity. I paint scenes of natural moments to wake up, to calm and to bring a sense of peace.

As a true collaborator, I work directly in nature with nature. Nature provides me with all the necessary information to begin the creative process.

In keeping with simplicity I use a limited palette keeping backgrounds muted and soft. My paintings are not crowded allowing negative space to isolate the subject matter. My images endeavor to evoke emotion; serenity, solitude with a deep respect for nature. I paint in oils and acrylics and like to capture the moment directly on the canvas so that the process of working everything out becomes part of the painting. Nature in all its metaphor then comes to life through how I perceive it.

As the collective unconscious of our modern world squeezes itself harder and more tightly, people living harried and hard, there is a longing for a return to simplicity and a wish for transcendence. Nature is far from simple, but it is us in our innate states, an us that existed before artifice and stress. Nature heals and nourishes the human spirit; it may serve as a reminder that we all need to pay attention in order to regain ourselves.